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How To Login Into Your Software


How do I login into the software

You will get an email with your login information and a request for more information about your company. Also keep an eye out in your spam or junk mail folders because there is a lot of links in you may miss the e-mail how this may be caught in your spam folders.

First you will click on the permanent software link provided in the e-mail, then you will have your username which you can copy and paste into the box provided, and then you will need to add the password which is also provided in your login e-mail.

There is a two-stage security system to log into the software

You will need to click on the login tab, And then add just the username which is admin

At that point you will be logged into the system, and we recommend you adding your own personal Password keep that in the safe place, because this is your administrative password and you don't want your sales people, or any other basic uses to have the ability lock you out of your system.

Please watch the video provided and thank you for your purchase of Roofing Estimator Pro.


Roofing Estimator Pro Software - How To Login



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