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From The Home Office of David Deschaine
"The $24 Million Dollar Man"


Dear Roofing Professional,

My name is David Deschaine.

Perhaps you've heard my name in the industry... or maybe you haven't.

Either way.. that's not important. What is important is this Roofing Software...

What I'm about to share with you can be life-changing in your business ... and I know it will save you a lot of time, money and needless stress, so pay close attention!

I know the roofing business like the back of my hand... and I've generated over $24,000,000 in roofing sales over the last decade (Yes! $24 MILLION DOLLARS) ... I know what it takes to turn a small town roofing company into a roofing contracting business that dominates this industry in any town, in any economy, in any neck of the woods.

And over the years ... I've discovered (through a lot of trial and error) that some of the biggest challenges that hold most small (and even large) roofing companies back from achieving massive success in their own city or town usually boils down to two critical areas in their business - poor time management skills and unnecessary overhead costs.

Sounds pretty simple I know... but just hear me out...

I've spent the last 3 years and 10's of thousands of dollars working with a "Dream Team" of programmers and roofing professionals to create the most innovative roofing business software available in the roofing industry... and I'm prepared to put my money where my mouth is...Use My FREE Roof Sketch Tool

As you can see from the above video.. if you're serious about your roofing business and want to take it to a whole new level of ease, efficiency and productivity (and also keep up with the mobile economy), then Roofing Estimator Pro is your all-in-one-ticket to success!

You can see by my profit and loss sheets above, I do approximately $2 Million Dollars a year in roofing sales... and I could NEVER run my business without Roofing Estimator Pro. I would NEVER want to run my business without This Software & Mobile App! It's that critical to my success...

Roofing Estimate Pro web-based keeps my business organized without the need for a huge payroll and more importantly gives my business the look and feel of a professional company with every customer I interact with and every job I do.

From emails to proposals to thank you letters, I've packed this software chock-full of total coolness for you.

Gone are the days of expensive office overhead or late nights of paperwork...

I knew where I struggled over the years... and I also knew where I achieved great success... and I've been able to take all that knowledge and spoon feed it to my team of programmers and watch my Roofing Estimator Pro software slowly develop.

The more information I threw at them (stats, appointments, pictures of homes, estimate sheets, sales contracts - you name it... i threw it) ... the more excited I got as I watch this customized piece of software brilliance develop right in front of my eyes... niche' specific to our industry - the roofing business...

... it was like a dream come true! And now ...

It doesn't take a huge sales force or 30 employees working around the clock to turn an average (maybe even struggling) roofing business into the "go to" company everyone calls upon when they need the job done right.

All it takes is smart, efficient, organized business work flow ... a few great advertising strategies (I'm going to help you there too) ... and the ability to take you're entire business with you on the road wherever you go - a MOBILE OFFICE so to speak (and you'll realize the importance of that in just a moment).

Listen... You can't be tied to a desk ... and you can't end a long day after estimating, installing, and selling your products and services - to now have to take 4 hours late in the evening to do paperwork.

That just doesn't cut it ... and that's why most small (and many large) roofing companies struggle to see the big profits and ultimately fail because they end up doing a lousy job in one or more areas of their business (BAD MOVE) or try to hire employees to do those jobs and it cuts deep into their profits - BIG TIME!

Why would you want to pay 3, 5, 10 (or even more) employees when you can cut payroll to almost ZERO cost and still see more efficiency in your business.

You wouldn't ... right?

And that's the whole purpose of my "Roofing Estimator Pro" software and why I spent so much of my time and money to create it ....

... to eliminate (or drastically reduce) employee payroll costs while increasing productivity and time-management skills ... ALL WHILE INCREASING YOUR PROFITS.

Roofing Estimator Pro is your complete roofing business software that can run any size roofing company - Large or Small.

And the best part... This software wasn't created by some "accounting geek" or "white collar pinhead" who knows NOTHING about the roofing business ... I created each and every aspect of this software from the inside out myself ...

  • I'm the one who's working in the trenches every day...
  • I'm the one dealing with the customers...
  • I'm the one doing all the late night paperwork...
  • I'm the one making phone calls ...
  • I'm the one estimating and selling...
  • I'm the one organizing pictures and videos...

I know what the "required" essentials are for a roofing software program that will make my life easier and my roofing business run more efficient and profitable.

Download Your Mobile Roofing App Today!

NOTE: The following is only a tiny list of the many features of the Roofing Estimator Web Based Application Software just to give you an idea of it's power and productivity.

  • Web Based Software Hosted on Secure, Scalable Amazon Cloud Servers - never worry about computer crashes or lost data. We got you covered. PLUS take your office with you wherever you go. You'll have incredible flexibility when you combine a remote "MOBILE" office with the ease and flexibility Roofing Estimator Pro provides your entire team.

  • Easily and efficiently work from your iPad, laptop or cell phone on the go - the benefits to having a mobile office are immense. Take a picture... it will automatically upload it to your customer file directly inside the software, then you can create a professional (customized) proposal... and email or print and hand it to your customer all in a matter of minutes using our mobile roofing apps!

  • Multiple User accounts with various permission levels - assign logins to your entire work force and let them take the efficiency "Mobile" too ... creating a much more efficient work environment for everyone in the company.

  • No repeat data entry - enter it once and it's added to every place necessary in the software so you dont have to keep repeating mundane tasks over and over again.

  • Quick and Easy Company Setup: Enter it once and it's done - Easily upload your company logo, tweak the pre-written, full editable, terms and conditions and pre-formatted letters and proposals we've laid out for you (legal protection is a must), quickly setup your contracts, proposals, estimates sheets and letters... everything there with your company name and logo all in one database - all pre-made and ready for your customization.

  • Email server integration so you can email your client list (customers and prospects) any and all forms, documents, etc. and also build a list of prospects to continue to market your products and services too with the click of an email.

  • Pre-written letters (fully editable) - thank you letters, follow up letters, reminders etc. We took the time to create all the templates for your letters you'll ever need... once created you can print or email them on the fly. Imagine sending a follow up email instantly when a customer has an inquiry... now that's efficient business and portrays total professionalism.

  • Easy Quickbooks Integration - Vendors, items, lists, suppliers - all integrate seamlessly with quickbooks with a few clicks of your mouse.

  • Company Calendar - Roofing Estimator Pro integrates everything into your calendar for you so there's no more searching for job dates or appointments - you'll know immediately at a glance what tasks are immediate and how your schedule looks before booking new appointments.

  • "Smart Technology" Image Storage - assign a photo to a customer and even include the image with your proposals and contracts. Show before and after photos on customer receipts and even use the images for marketing campaigns. Also, plug your camera into your laptop or iPad and Roofing Estimator Pro will save everything to your customer file automatically for you.

  • Integrated Google Maps - This is one of my favorites... and I find more and more uses for it daily! You'll never again worry about asking for directions to a home - just click a button and get instant directions to the home or business. PLUS... check the home and surrounding area on google maps (satellite view) ... see what type of neighborhood it is... what type of surrounding homes are in the neighborhood, etc. And talk about a perfect marketing tool ... you get the perfect birds -eye view from the rooftops of all the surrounding homes and businesses. PLUS... no worrying about your salesmen or installation crews not having directions to a job site ... they can login to the REP software too and just google maps their own set of directions right inside the software.

  • Easily turn proposals into contracts with the click of your mouse... and all the info is then added to your quickbooks software for easy bookkeeping and a streamlined business workflow.

  • Reports - a full snapshot of your business. Always know exactly how your sales are, where they're falling off, where they're strong, and where your business needs improvement with a few clicks of your mouse. Look at various graphs and charts and always know the state of your business. Run reports by individual salesperson, products, total sales amount, etc. Easily exports to CSV, excel, PDF and many other data file types.

  • Insurance quotes - everything you need to create professional insurance quotes and even include images of the home... saving you a lot of time, stress and unnecessary paperwork - best of all... it's all template driven and done for you. You plug in some information and Pro takes care of the rest giving you a professional presentation everytime.

  • Your PRO software grows as you grow... and you'll never have to worry about upgrading for more space to hold all your data. Your Web Based application is fully scalable and automatically grows with your business.

  • Powerful search features that pull up all your customer data in seconds. Never worry about information scattered all over your computer's hard drive or the need for running 3 or 4 different software programs to run your business. PRO keeps everything all organized neatly and efficiently in one web-based software application, that is fully accessible using our mobile roofing apps.

You are about to get your hands on the only Roofing SEO Optimizer on the market today - FREE!

I've spent months building the most powerful blogging system ever created to GET YOU MORE ROOFING LEADS! – You'll be amazed just how easy this software is to use, and I've even included all the training videos so you can have your Roofing Estimate Machine up and Running In 60 Minutes Or Less... (YES! Less than 1 hour tops!)

This is a real world $47 purchase on one of my websites ($97 Value) but I'm offering it to the first 99 people who purchase one of the three Roofing Estimator Pro Web Based Application Software packages -100% FREE as a special LIMITED TIME Bonus.


Your Roofing Business Will Be Launched Into The 21st Century... Using Roofing Estimator Pro

Initially when I planned on releasing my software to the public... I discussed the pricing options with some fellow roofing professionals and they agreed they'd be willing to pay $2,995.00 for a one time license and $97 monthly hosting.

After all... I can't imagine any way possible you WON'T see that small investment in your business returned to you 10 fold the first month you use it.

The Roofing Estimator Pro software is that powerful... it'll replace the need for secretaries, book keepers, and even office staff... and put your office in "mobile" mode so you can take it with you wherever you go.

You be flying high and living life stress free "on the go" once you see how this software is going to change everything about your business and how it's run efficiently.

But having said that... I know the economy is tough right now and many small business owners are struggling just to keep their head above water and I want to get this piece of software in the hands of as many contractors as I possibly can...

So I decided I'd slash $2,000.00 off that price and just charge $995.00 one time fee plus the $97 monthly hosting ... and I figure I'll make some new friends in the industry and also (hopefully) revive some of those roofing contractor's who might be struggling right now.

Special New Customer Launch Pricing - This Offer is for a limited time and will be removed without warning! Please don't email me a week from now and ask for this special price... I simply cannot do it forever!



The truth is ... I've had enormous success in this industry and I think it's time I paid it forward a bit... and my generosity is your gain right now so please take advantage of my insanity before I close this deal forever (c'mon - I'm losing money at this price to be honest).

You pay a one time activation fee of just $249 and monthly hosting of just $47 per month... and take the Roofing Estimator Pro Software for a full 30 Day Test Drive on me! PLUS can cancel anytime.

And remember.. if you don't think my software is worth every penny and will increase your profits and relieve many of those daily stresses of running a small business ... I don't want your money! Just let me know and I'll refund you on the spot.... minus provisioning fees no questions asked. You're backed with my money back guarantee.


Here's how to order:




YES DAVE! I want in.


I'd like to take your Roofing Estimator Pro Web Based Application Software for a 30 Day Risk Free Test Drive.

  • I understand that my purchase is backed by your money back guarantee. If I'm not satisfied for any reason you will issue a refund to me minus the provisioning fees which are excluded, and non-refundable but everything else with just a simple email.

  • I also understand I will receive your Roofing SEO Blogging System 100% FREE as a special bonus just for taking your software for a test drive.

  • I further understand that all video training for both the Roofing Estimator Pro Software and The Roofing SEO Blogging System are provided FREE of any additional charges.

  • And finally I understand that by ordering today I lock in the special Launch pricing at a tremendous discount of ONLY $249 ONE TIME FEE and then $47 monthly hosting.



SAVE $341 With Annual Payment - Click Here



In closing, I'd just like to say that I hope to see you take advantage of this risk-free trial and see for yourself the amazing transformation you business can take once you unleash it's power and versatility.

I've been in the roofing business for over 20 years and know this business better than most.

When I think back to the days of running my business without the Roofing Estimator Pro Software I can actually feel the stress in my gut and the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.

My software locks the stress away and puts you in the drivers seat of a turbo-charged application that will change the way you do business... Guaranteed!

I'm a real roofing contractor... I run a real business everyday just like you... and I'm here to help in any way I can. We're like a brotherhood and if I can help a fellow brother out to increase their profits... that makes me a happy man.

P.S. I plan to hold live training webinars, special downloadable workshops... and so much more. You'll never be left alone wondering how to get the most out of your investment. I'm here to show you how I use the software in my own business each and every day and how you can too. Invest Now and Save Big!

P.P.S. Remember.. you risk NOTHING! You're backed by my 30 Day "Dave You Better Make My Life Easier Or I'll Refund You With My" Money Back Guarantee. I'm a "put up or shut up" kind of guy and I want to prove what I say is 100% true. Take My Software for a 30 Day Test Drive Now!


Q) Is this Roofing Estimator Pro Software easy to use or require a engineering degree to use?

A)  The Roofing Estimator Pro Software is easy to use with a complete training video series to watch and use for your live training. Order Now

Q)  Why does this Roofing Estimator Pro Software cost money each month, and why would I want to pay every month instead of just buy a program?

A)  The monthly fees are mostly for hosting cost, and also gives you the ability to grow your business without investing in your own server which can cost thousands of dollars up front.
Order Now

Q) Why Roofing Estimator Pro compared to other estimate programs?

A)  Roofing Estimator Pro is not just a estimating software, this is a complete Roofing company management system with online scheduling, linked directly with your scheduling software built into the program. The ability to use the same data for your scheduling, then produce professional looking roofing proposals, email system, and track all the sales, and product information, and finally send everything to QuickBooks that uses the same data entry from the initial estimate. Order Now

Q)  Will Roofing Estimator Pro Software ever crash or I lose my information?

A)  Your web-based application will be hosted on a Powerful Amazon Server that has internal backups, and that is completely scalable so without you doing anything the servers grow as your business grows on an S2 Cloud Server Network. Order Now

Q) Will it cost more for additional updates, and will the price go up for the software?

A)  The cost of the software is a onetime set-up fee, and you will have Lifetime FREE Updates, and the hosting  fees will be fixed unless Amazon changes their pricing, But with the new players coming into the market, and Microsoft building a new cloud server network that price should remain a fix cost. Order Now

Q) Why did David Deschaine build the Roofing Estimator Pro Web-Based Software?

A) Initially David Deschaine built the Roofing Estimator pro for his own roofing company, But the cost of building such a complete and powerful system cost so much to produce that he had to sell a few  licenses of the software to help absorb some of the cost. Order Now

Q) Do I have to download your software and install the software on my computer?

A) Absolutely Not! That's the beauty of Roofing Estimator Pro. My software is a web based application that is hosted on secure cloud servers so you can take your business with you on your laptop, iPhone, iPad or any other mobile device. Order Now

Q) Are there any monthly fees to use the software?

A) Yes, there is a $47 monthly hosting fee to continue to have access to your application. This is a small fee considering we not only give you complete access to your business 24/7 but we also maintain and backup all your data so you never have to worry about computer crashes or alike. Order Now

Q) Can I use Quickbooks and Integrate it with the Roofing Estimator Pro Software?

A) 100% Yes! We've taken great care to ensure REP software is a one stop shop and will easily integrate with your Quickbooks software. Order Now

Q) How long after payment is completed will it take before I have access to the software application?

A) Once you process your payment via paypal... you will receive your secure login and password and have access to your new back office within 24 hours (usually much sooner). Order Now

Q)  How Can This Software Save Me Money?

A)  The software will do the work automatically of many people, and how that works is you only have to point people to your website, and have them fill out the online form, and schedule their appointments. Then the software adds the customer information to your calendar which is linked to your customer database to use in your proposals which would have to been entered by additional office staff. Order Now

Q)  Do I Own The Software Or Is It A License Agreement?

A)  You will purchase a license to use the software, and have full access to the data stored on the Amazon Server. The information has to be accessed through this one method only, and cannot be transferred to another computer or server without some additional IT or system engineering transferring the information to another server. But why would you ever want to not keep all of your information in a secured place so you can access your information anytime or anywhere you want.
Order Now

Q) Is there A Limit For Company Users?

A) Currently for a limited time we have allowed up to 5 users in each for the company files, and we may decide to change the fees for new users. But once you are lock in, and secure your spot at this special price you will never pay for any more for your 5 user license. Order Now

Q) Do You Have Mobile Roofing Apps?

A) Yes, we do have Mobile Roofing Apps for all mobile devices, so you can be running your roofing business from anywhere and have access to your online system. With our 100% web-based roofing software customer management system you can upload photos, create estimates, book appointments, email estimates from any mobile device. Learn About Our Mobile Apps Here