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Cant Add Any Products Or Items - Turn Off Your Pop-Up Blocker


Cant Add Any Products Or Items 

You Must Turn Off Your Pop-Up Blockers

If you can't add any items or or access any type of products it's probably because you have to turn off one of the pop up blockers on your system.


Mobile View

It's real simple on the phone to go down and turn off the icon that says block pop ups, on the desktop you will get a typical pop up blocker depending on the browser that you're using.


Firefox View

When using Firefox simply go into Options, Content, and open the Exceptions tab and then add your Roofing Estimator Pro permanent address.


Chrome View

When using Chrome you need to go into settings scroll down to Privacy, click on the Content settings, then scroll down to pop-ups and then go to Manage Exceptions and then and then add your Roofing Estimator Pro permanent address.

Explorer View

If you're using Internet Explorer go up to tools, click on Internet Options and then click on Privacy and turn off the Pop-up blocker, or you can going to settings and then add your Roofing Estimator Pro permanent address.

 If nothing is happening, you click on the tabs and nothing is opening then typically your pop up blocker is on, you'll need to scroll through the browser settings or options and then turn off your pop up blocker that will stop things from opening.


Can't Do Anything, Turn Off Your Pop-Up Blocker.

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