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How To Print Invoices


How To Print Invoices

Your customer must have a completed estimate in the system.

Open The Customer Estimate You Want To Create An Invoice For

Before you can create the invoice, you must convert your customer to a Job.

First you must click on the Convert button,

and then this will convert the estimate and your customer to a Job.

You Will Be Notifed That Your Estimate Is Now A job

Then click on the jobs tab, and current jobs will open.

Choose the Job that you would like to print the invoice for.

Then click on the Print button.

Then click on the Invoice button.

Your Invoice will be created and will be ready to print.

Then choose the drop down Export to the selected format.

Choose Acrobat (PDF) file and click Export.

A Box will open and ask you options to, Open with PDF or Save File.

To open file directly click on the Open with option.

To save to your hard drive click the Save file option.

Open the PDF and click on the Printer icon or File and print.

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