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How To Print Documents


How To Print Documents

With all the diffrent browsers the direct printing feature does NOT work everytime, But this is one way that you can always print your estimates, appointment sheets, work orders, and your roof inspections, ect.

Open The File You Want To Print

This exanple is an estimate and this is how you can save the PDF and then print, or just print the PDF instantly.

Open the customer or the estimate box and click the print button.

Then choose the Template that you would like to print and then click on the Print Template button, and a box will open asking your what to do.

The typical thing to do is to open with Adobe Acrobat PDF Viewer or what ever PDF viewer you have installed on your computer.

 You can also just click on the Standard Contract or the Detailed Contract and print the document, and if the browser does NOT offer the funtion then just use the Export to the selected format option.

Choose the Template you want to print and the choose the Format and then Click Export

Then a box will Open and offer two options: You can "Open or Save" the PDF file

 If you choose this option and save the file to your computer, and then you can open and print.

Save To Your Computer with this option

If you choose this option you can open the PDF and print immediately.

Open The PDF and Print with this option

Once the PDF open click on the printer icon and print or go to FILE and scoll down to the printer icon and print.

All of the browsers do updates a few times a year, and this method always allows your documents to print.

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