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Instructions for Connecting REP to QuickBooks


 Steps to configure REP -> QuickBooks Connector


1.       Obtain External IP Address of your network – Since the Roofing Estimator Pro website will need to connect from the Internet to your QuickBooks Connector (REP2QB), it will need to know your public internet address (IP Address).  This address is something that your ISP (Internet service provider) assigns to you when you connect to the Internet.  You can obtain your IP Address by visiting the website  Write down the ip address they give you as you will need it below

a.       Update QuickBooks Settings on REP website – You will need to tell the Roofing Estimator Pro Website your External IP address so that it will know how to connect to your REPtoQuickbooks Connector. To do this, navigate to REP software and choose the Setup -> Configuration ->QuickBooks Integration menu option


b.       Type in your external IP address into the “Server Address” field and hit the “Save” button


2.       Configure Hardware Firewall – Most likely, you have a hardware router or firewall which connects your PC to the Internet.  This firewall protects your computer by blocking computers from the public internet from being able to connect into your computer.  However, the Roofing Estimator Pro website is a program running on the public internet that you DO want connecting to your PC.  In order to allow this, you will need to tell your firewall that this connection is OK to be made. 


*** Note, this step may require your IT administrator to complete.


a.       Add “Port forwarding” for IP traffic on port 2080 from firewall to PC running REPtoQuickbooks Connector


b.       For assistance with instructions and screenshots for port forwarding for many different firewall models visit


3.       Configure Software Firewall on workstation running REPtoQuickBooks Connector – In addition to a hardware firewall, your PC is probably also running a software firewall.  By Default, Micorsoft Windows uses the “Windows Firewall” to protect your computer from unwanted inbound connections.  If you have installed a 3rd party Anti-Virus or Intrusion Prevention Program, than that program may turn off the Windows Firewall and use its own firewall to protect your computer.  Like the hardware Firewall, you will need a port rule here as well.


*** Note, this step may require your IT administrator to complete.


a.       Add a rule or exception to allow the traffic to come through over port 2080


b.       For assistance with instructions and screenshots for port forwarding for many different software firewall programs visit


4.       Start the REP2QB Software on your PC


a.       Run the REP2QB Executable Program


b.       Open QuickBooks


c.        Click the “Start” button in REP2QB


5.       Test the connection


a.       Navigate to REP software, then choose the Setup->Configuration->QuickBooks Integration menu


b.       Click the “Connect” button...  IN a short amount of time, you should get a dialog popup telling you the details of the company file that you just connected to


6.       Run the Mass Data Imports


a.       Click the “Vendors Tab”


b.       Click the “Add Vendors” button


c.        A dialog will tell how many vendors were added


d.       Click the “Items Tab”


e.        Click the “Add Items” button


f.        A dialog will tell how many items were added


g.        Click the “Customers Tab”


h.       Click the “Add Customers” button


i.         A dialog will tell how many customers were added



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