Roofing Seminar Portland Maine

I would like to thank everyone that attended roofing seminar Portland Maine event it was a great time, I enjoyed meeting everybody in person and look forward to seeing you guys at more of the events. We went over a lot information and I hope you guys receive some great fresh, and new information to help you with your roofing business. Most of the software training was very helpful especially when we’re talking about the mobile apps in using the sign my iPad application – Click On The Workbooks To Download.

Roofing Seminar Portland Maine

Software Training Segment

Software Training Workbook

During the seminar we had some great questions from you guys, and after the seminar we took some time just to talk about all the new features that will be adding to the software in the next update happening when the next couple of weeks. It was fun to show you guys some of the ninja techniques that we use in our online marketing, and great questions by the way from everybody who asked about the micro-blogs, the digital neighborhoods and what it takes to get more roofing leads locally to generate more sales.


Online Marketing Segment

Online Marketing Workbook

The best part was going into the video marketing segment in which all you guys I know all learned a great deal, no one has ever even seen the combination of apps that I use to create professional looking videos. Even the camera guys that I used to film the event had never seen anything like that before, even our experienced cameramen said, Dave I’ve been in video for 12 years and never have seen a mobile app that is that easy to work with other than $1200 software program.


Video Marketing Segment

Video Marketing Workbook

I knew this was going to be a eye-opening video to help any roofing contractor with getting set up with video marketing, as you guys know I have been doing online marketing for over 10 years. Over the past five years I have been working behind the scenes of my roofing company into the early morning hours learning how to help on the roofing companies. Well over the last 30 days I have worked till 1:00 am every morning to create an easy to understand but powerful way to develop your video marketing skills, and this combination is incredible I finally cracked the roofing video code with these mobile apps, and this stuff works.

Sales Training Segment

Sale Training Workbook

Of course nothing happens until you sell something, and the new powerful roofing sales training video that I created will help any roofing company learned some valuable techniques, get some great ideas on how to sell a roofing job. I recorded a live sales event with a video camera, and we went to the job site met with the client wants he agreed to be on filmed. At first we want sure if this was going to be a sale because when someone is being recorded a defense to buy might be up, but because of the sales approach we use in our roofing sales training course the customer was totally comfortable and did make his purchase of his new roof. We do go over all aspects of the sale during the roofing seminar and it was fun having lunch with you guys, and hearing all of your success stories and how excited you guys were for the upcoming year – Get Your Copy Of Roofing Estimator Pro

Roofing Seminar

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