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Using a roofing app can streamline the process from traditional laptops websites to a handheld mobile device, and this can increase productivity for any sized roofing business. The flexibility of using a roofing app for iPhone or using a roofing app for a android mobile device is where the future is going with the 100% web-based roofing software platforms. Many roofing contractors today are finding that the ability to take photos with your handheld mobile phone into being able to upload those from your roofing software app is an incredible technological advance in the way we do our roofing estimates.

How Did Roofing Contractors Manage Without Mobile Phones?

Every day we are outdoing our daily activities and using our mobile phones, iPads in any device to be totally connected to everybody and everything on the planet. I truly ask myself every day how did we keep up with the competition without this technology in our hands. The answer is because nobody had the technology the time and everybody was working from the old-fashioned beepers and when lines for their phones and answering machines. Today if you don’t have a mobile device to help you run your business you will be left behind wondering how to catch up to your competition.

Being Connected With Your Roofing Customers

Roofing Apps

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**Works Only With Roofing Estimator Pro Web-based Software**

Being connected to your roofing customers using a mobile device that is linked together with your roofing app can be the difference from you losing a roofing job, to your competition picking up on the opportunity because they have their own mobile roofing app and they may be tying their business relationships with their customers in real time. We have the best roofing software app for you to discover how easy it is to be connected to everything. In this starts with a very simple approach by using a fully integrated calendar system link directly to your website, although this idea or of an online calendar has been around for a while never before has it been linked directly to a roofing business website in which your customer will be importing their information in real time and this will be imported into your roofing software app immediately.

Preparing A Roofing Estimate With Your Mobile Device

Creating a roofing estimate from your mobile device has never been easier, and when you’re customer information is automatically uploaded into your estimate form on your mobile device that will save you so much time and of course time is money. All you have to do is take a photo of your customers house from the four corners, simply rename and upload in seconds using your mobile roofing app design for the Roofing Estimator Pro. Then simply add some product items which is directly linked into your products list in the web-based roofing software, and then automatically email your completed roofing estimate in a PDF format which you get a copy of in your inbox to see directly on your mobile device which is linked to our roofing business software.

Have Your Customer Sign The PDF On Your IPad

we have also included are recommendation of a simple app that can be used on your iPad, iPhone, and also your android devices so your customer can sign the contract using your handheld mobile roofing app. This is an incredible opportunity to close the roofing sale that day using this incredible technological leap into the 21st century. Your customer will receive your PDF contract with their name and date added to the contract, and you can sign the contract as well to everyone has a copy of this legal roofing document for their files, and a kit sent automatically to everyone’s inbox.

Introduction REP – Roofing Estimator Pro Mobile

Roofing Estimator Pro - REP Roofing AppGet your copy of this incredible roofing app that can be used on your iPhone, iPad, any android device so you can get your business moving into the 21st century and staying ahead of the competition – Click On The Link Below!

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