In Home Sales Training For Roofers

Welcome to the website that I dedicated to roofing contractors, and your business success requires sales. All businesses need to have new business or you don’t succeed, you as a business owner or salesperson needs to make sure you get the order. As a professional salesperson you have one goal and that is to help your customer see the value in the products you are selling, and then help your customer by giving them what they need which is a new roof – Listen To Your Customer They Will Tell You Everything!

Get Your Copy Of Roofing Estimator Pro

Roofing app add to cart buttonWe have designed our Roofing Estimator Pro software to work with our in-home roofing sales course. Our roofing accelerator sales training system includes a very unique way of getting the order, compared to other sales training methods, or techniques we have a very simple approach that helps the homeowner make a decision in buying that day, and that’s what your business will need to succeed in any economy.

Sales Is What Your Business Needs

We start with talking to your customer about what the problem is, in carefully taken all the information down on your salesperson worksheet. During the initial meeting all you want to have is a clipboard and a pen, and your iPhone or smart phone to take photos so you can upload them into the Roofing Estimator Pro database for your client. During the initial 15 minutes of the exterior evaluation, begin to talk about the different styles of shingles that are available, and specifically what you offer as a roofing product.

Picking Roofing Colors

At this point you will want to get all of the interested parties outside looking at colors for their new roof, this is critical because once they begin to see that you’re going to be installing the new roof, this will help you build report with your client. Rapport building is critical in the sales process because you want all of the parties to feel like they’re in sync with one another, and moving in the right direction to accomplish one very specific goal which is to stop the roof from leaking, and getting them a new high quality roof installed. Get confirmation about color selection by using large sample boards can shingle products, and do whatever it takes here to get the selection made, or at least an agreement on a shade of the shingle color.

What Are The Roofing Problems

If your customer is having any type of problems, you should get a ladder and get on to the roof in be as safely as possible. Make sure to wear all the fall protection if needed to safely inspect the roof deck, or the roof and extrusion that may be given your potential customer a problem. Always be very concerned about any leaks they are having, and take photos on the inside and also on top of the roof with the extrusion or the area where the water penetration may be coming from. This is the time you’ll also get your measuring tool or device and prepare a detailed drawing of the rooftop which shows the width of the home, the length of the Rafter and also any dormers or any extra roof sections require additional attention like full coverage ice water shield, or may need rolled roofing on a flat dormer.

Take Photos Of The Home

Once you have taken the photos of the problem or area, get for good shots of the home from each corner of the house. You will want these so you can upload those to your Roofing Estimator Pro software, and also use those for the work orders. Gather all your information and pick everything up in your arms, and say okay let’s go inside and finish up the paperwork. Or if they don’t want to go inside at that time begin to go through your presentation, using your PowerPoint presentation in your prepared information package of all the products used during the roof replacement.

Create Your Information Packages

Your information package should have a brochure of the roofing product used by your company, a list of 10 or 15 references that you customer can call if needed, also a valid insurance including workers compensation and public liability insurance. You also should have any of your credentials from your manufacturer or if you have any special credentials offered through the roofing manufacturers. Proceed through your presentation showing all of your company information, and offer the solution for the problems they are having on their roof.

Your Roofing Presentation

Use the photos gathered from the roof inspection, and show your customer why they’re having a leak. Then offer your quality roof replacement services to your customer. Use the calculations of the square footage of the home, and then write it bold on the appointment sheets of the total investment of their home. Then save your customer would you like to Gordon schedule this roof installation. If they say yes go ahead and write up the order, if they say no let them know that you understand the problem they’re having. If they give you an objection about price or if they want to get other quotes, let them know that most of your clients say the same thing you ask them for the order. But then they understand that you been in business for a certain amount years, and you are going give them the best quality workmanship possible and you will make sure that they get exactly what they want.

Close The Roofing Sale

Again asked for the order, may be a little bit different this time like I know this is an important investment for you, and if I was buying a roof like this I would feel the same way. By your roof is leaking and you should get this done or more problems keep happening, I’ve been in this business for long time in my prices a very competitive to any other roofer that office is quality products. Would you like me to go ahead and order the materials for your new roof installation?

Helping Your Roofing Customer Relax

Take a few minutes go through all of the information you’ve talked about, confirm the products again with a summary on the contract to verify that everything was included that they want. Include a start date on the contract with a month of the year, and let them know that during the installation that you will visit the job just to check on things and say hello. But you will always be available for them during the installation of the have any questions, and go through the terms for payment and have them sign the agreement. If you’re using the Roofing Estimator Pro web-based software which is the best way of keeping track of everything, email a copy the contract to your email address on your iPad, and have your client sign the iPad and then email the contract to both your clients email address, in your office email address so you can have this available at any time.

Congratulate Your New Customer

Congratulate your customer on the purchase, and thank your customer for the business. This is David Deschaine, and I want to thank you visiting our blog, and make sure you get a copy of Roofing Estimator Pro web-based software because this will keep track of everything for your roofing business. Click The Banner Below!

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