Advantages of Roofing Company Software

A roofing contractor has to manage multiple tasks in order to stay profitable and grow their business. They have to obtain new customers, provide estimates, schedule jobs, dispatch workers, order materials, keep tabs on the accounting, and more. All this can be done with greater ease by using reliable roofing company software. Such software that is available online and for mobile devices will speed up estimates, billing, scheduling, ordering, and workers routing as well.

New Customers

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When homeowners call or mail with inquiries about roof repair, replacement, new roofs, refurbishing, and so on, the contractor has to provide the necessary information as soon as possible in order to be able to obtain the contract. A roofing company software that helps you keep tract of the progress of negotiations will ensure that you take advantage of all the leads that you obtain. This software will help you recall which customers require a follow up call and for what and ensure that you have all the relevant details about the work at your fingertips as you make the call.

Booking Estimates

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The estimates for a roofing job depend on whether it is a new roof that needs to be laid, repair, refurbishing, or relaying, the material used, the manufacturer, the pitch of the roof, the area covered, the gables, chimneys, and vents present, and so on. By using roofing company software the contractor can easily calculate the estimates by entering only the new data and speed up the workflow. Customers will be pleased with your efficiency and you will be free to focus on other areas of your business. Moreover, an online or mobile roofing company software will allow you to provide estimates on the site, speeding finalization of roofing contractors. By fixing the parameters in advance you will be able to provide your estimate at once and also explain the break up to the home owner enabling you or the salesman to finalize the contract sooner.

Estimate Scheduling

Roofing company software that includes an online calendar will enable you to schedule jobs with greater ease even as you are negotiating with a homeowner helping you clinch more deals.

Jobs Scheduling

Both workers and salesmen will be able to accomplish more if you can plan their work route to include more official stops. This will have a direct positive impact on your payroll costs and bottom line.


By using a roofing company software you will be able to place orders for materials with greater ease. You can easily extract information from the estimate and the schedule to place orders for appropriate materials at the right time, eliminating delays because of non-availability of the right shingles or other materials.


In order to run a successful roofing contractor company you need to keep a check on the bottom line, expenses, and income. Using roofing company software, this will become easier and you will be able to monitor the financials of your company at a glance and take corrective action as soon as necessary.

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